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Principal Software Engineer Interview Questions in Seattle, WA


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Implement a Hashtable. Chaining / Linear-probing, hash stuff. etc

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Google "hashtable". click on the wikipedia link. This is tablestakes. You gotta be able to implement and / or use a hashtable in your sleep.

Huge bank of servers is pounding data layer with connections. What do we do?

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general questions about the resume. previous project, what do i want to work on and my skillset.

Usual questions about data structures. Nothing you haven't seen before.

Code a Huffman lossless encoder on the white board.

I was ask how to encode a tree structure in as few bits as possible.

Questions weren't limited to my area of experience and some were more of a collaborative investigation with a subject matter expert. Working through questions about allocating tight structures and then manipulating them were challenging for on-the-spot work, but were actually fun in the end.

Given an array of numbers, using a moving window of size 3, report the maximum element within the window for each position.