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Technology Analyst Interview Questions in Seattle, WA


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What is the difference between the call and apply methods in JavaScript? Have you used them?

You have a large volume of log files that all contain data you need. The data is preceded by a keyword and after, the data is 25 characters long. How could you automate this data gathering easily with PowerShell?

Behavioral: Study all the questions listed by other people who posted about this interview. That's how I prepared. Case 1: Talk about implementing a new ERP system Case 2: Was about merging two companies with different technologies, discuss the risks and costs and other factors that you would need to discuss when merger technologies.

What metrics would you use to measure the performance and trends of the private equity market in general?

Tell us about a time when things didn't go as planned.

Common .NET interview questions, and basic data structure

The manager of software development asked how I would design a cluster for a given database application.

what if your gpa was higher? why would we hire you if you might leave in a few years? - Overall it was ok because I received positive remarks but didn't hear back.

ERP systems implementation, time line and waterfall / phased approach, helpful interviewer overall