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Securities and Operations Specialist Interview Questions


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Standard stuff like: name a time when you made a mistake, and how you dealt with said mistake.

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Blah blah blah I made a mistake and learned from it. Now I have practices in place to assure it doesn't happen again.

Why do you want to work in this department?

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The interview questions were centered around situational questions and not skill-set questions. The questions reminded me of basic customer service questions, like what would you do in this situation or what did you do in this situation with an escalated situation. I was expecting more skill set and knowledge based questions not customer service simply because this position required knowledge of IRA and retirement plans and IRS regulations.

How would your previous experience help with our team here?

Pretty standard Network and Network Security 101 questions. What are HIPS/HIDS, NIDS/NIPS. Common Network Ports, What are the 7 OSI layers, Difference in TCP and UDP. What is 3 way handshake. What is DNS server or Domain Controller. What is Cross site scripting, Cross site request Forgery, Buffer Overflows, DNS poisoning, SQL Injection. What are the Differences of a Worm, Trojan, Virus. Things like that. pretty simple stuff.

Why was I interested in leaving my current employer

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Basic questions, nothing hard. Have some STAR (situation, task, action, result) examples in mind before going for interview.