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Saudi Telecom
Security Architect was asked...September 1, 2015

What are the projects that you have worked on?

2 Answers

I explain a lot of projects, in deep technical details and other

Microwave, cut over,

Link Technologies (Las Vegas)

What were my strengths and weaknesses

2 Answers

AGain, we are hiring the experts, we aren't the experts when it comes to technical know how. We are professional recruiters . Less

I answered to the best of my ability and as honest as possible

Forsythe Technology

What security controls and tools do you have experience with?

1 Answers

I explained the risk based process that drives controls, and then provided the standard security services I've used. Less


What is the difference between symmetric and asymmetric crytpgraphy?

1 Answers

Symmetric - data at rest, same key used for encryption and ecryption. Asymmetric - data in motion, public/private keys. Less


How would you ensure that information within a database is secure?

1 Answers

First is to implement strong access control by making sure that those who have access to the database have it on a need to know or to do bases and also implement access to information on a least privilege basis. Less

Crown Equipment

No difficult questions.

1 Answers

I think I was turned down simply because I would not do an onsite interview within a few days. Less

Johnson Controls

I mostly asked them questions about the position.

1 Answers

I suggest you come prepared about the position and the company. Also come with list of questions to ask. Less

Morgan Stanley

What is the linux command to look up for open ports?

1 Answers

I gave the answer and told the interviewer that was hoping to get architect level questions and not a analyst level questions. Less

Ping Identity

Please describe the most challenging solution you have had to work through

1 Answers

The interview questions did not align with the outcome of the interview. every example of good solution architecture/pre sales that I gave was received warmly and positively. however this did not translate to a second interview. it would appear that they do not know what they want. Less


What are some of the reasons groups or companies have problems patching vulnerabilities?

1 Answers

Resources Fear of breaking a production product Don’t believe in severity Not a priority Can’t get good enough data/info on what to patch Less

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