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Security Engineer Interview Questions

"When hiring a security engineer, employers want to make sure they select candidates who have the technical knowledge of information security software and hardware to ensure their data will be kept safe in the event of a disaster, whether it be an earthquake or a hacker attack. Before attending an interview for this position, prepare to answer a lot of technical questions that will determine the extent of your understanding of information security systems and how they can be used to protect important data."

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Describe HMAC in detail.

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What would I do if a system was not responding and running much slower than usual?

Describe SSL in detail.

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I was shown code and asked to find the security issues in it

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Typical "think like an attacker for a moment..." questions. Then the inverse, "how would you detect unknown attacker activity." How to secure a web app; different web app vulnerabilities.

Encryption modes, CTR, ECB, CBC.., How HMAC works, why HMAC is designed in that way

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Describe your PhD and master thesis as well as one of your paper

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