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What sort of anomalies would you look for to identify a compromised system?

1 Answer

I was asked about XSS, SQL Injection, Tools I have used for pen testing.

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During the technical interview, the second interview asked, "How would you configure trace route in a cisco firewall for a group of windows users?" I repeated the question to make sure I heard it correctly, and he responded with, "Windows fundamentally handles trace route differently than Unix does."

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Write a function that can determine if an input number is a power of 2.

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There was not a difficult question. The process was straight forward.

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How would I tackle a specific situation in a certain department?

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Can you talk more about symmetric vs asymmetric encryption.

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What would you do if you caught an officer sleeping on the job.

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The hiring manager basically said "our ideal candidate is someone with years of experience but we can't get that candidate - no one who is successful in the business is going to leave $100K in owed commissions behind to change companies" Basically - We can't have who we want so we have dragged you in - you might do.

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Really the most unexpected question would probably be what does Security mean to you. Which isn't really unexpected.

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