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Senior Accountant Interview Questions

"As a senior accountant, employers are looking for your experience to make you a valuable asset to their company. Thus, interviewers will often ask about the previous duties you had with other employers, what kinds of accounting software you are proficient in, and a few brain teasers that will test your accounting knowledge. In addition, be able to provide examples as to how you work through stressful situations, meet close deadlines, and deal with difficult situations."

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What was I looking for in terms of work life balance, and my career goals.

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I told them that I was going to pursue my CPA

skills such as communication, detail orientation, etc. and past work experience

It was more of a discussion based interview, talking about my experience and how my current firm conducted jobs

Walked through my past experiences. Some accounting questions in general, such as revenue recognition, accounts receivable reconciliations, period cut off, etc. Also asked about how in general a balance sheet reconciliation should be performed. In addition, asked about if I have any ERP system experiences.

Why do I want to work as a senior accountant?

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What are your strengths?

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Why do you want to make this transition from audit?

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Describe prior experience, describe strengths and weaknesses. Talk about education.

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What experience do you have with revenue forecast?

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