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Senior Accountant Interview Questions

"As a senior accountant, employers are looking for your experience to make you a valuable asset to their company. Thus, interviewers will often ask about the previous duties you had with other employers, what kinds of accounting software you are proficient in, and a few brain teasers that will test your accounting knowledge. In addition, be able to provide examples as to how you work through stressful situations, meet close deadlines, and deal with difficult situations."

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The more difficult questions consisted of me walking them through specific processes I perform at my current job.

Talk about a time where you faced adversity in your current or past job and how did you handle it?

What is the minimum wage you would take, we know you have a college degree (MBA), but what is the minimum you would take. We are having cash flow issues, since we are being sued a lot by guests, and our employees

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Be prepared to be asked to do on a white board an oversimplified inventory bookkeeping exercise.

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What is your experience with inventory?

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What book have you read recently? How do you stay organized? What activities and events do you partake in when not working?

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