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typical selling strategy questions

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Did you get the job? Are the sales face-to-face or more phone based? Do you work from a home office? >$200K?

Yes I got the job but it was not what was sold to me and was not negotiable as far as a possible change. I would be viewed as a difficult person and crt baby. the job is 95% on the phone and if needed a visit to your territory. In my case i am based in Chicago and cover obscure accounts in the southeast. so none of my 20 plus years of relationships mattered to them.

Also you are tied to you phone and desk and it is frownd upon to work from home.

Really, there were no surprises. As I said above, the expectations were set very clearly from the in-house recruiter. They have a very specific type of person they're looking for, and all the hard work preparing for the interviews and presentation pay off!

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"What makes you so exceptional?"

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What color describes you and every other crazy question. Dr. Wilson??? Are you kidding me!

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How many calls will you make on average sales day.

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Do you like the knicks?

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You probably know sales and management better than anyone here, how will it be working with people of less experience.

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How would you go about generating new business in your assigned area? Specifics of your plan and measurement matrix, please?

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This was not a question but an unusual statement. The hiring mananger actually criticized a 30-60-90 day sales plan I created specifically for this position. I had presented it to him in a positive manner. He stated that "anyone can do this" and then ranted for a few minutes about his own success. I politely thanked him for his time and left. By this time I had made the decision that I would not want to work for this person and proactively communicated that to the recruiter I was working with as soon as I got in my car. I found out later that the hiring manager had still not filled the vacancy on his team.

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They wanted to know how you would handle a tough situation or tough customer.

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