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Senior Administrative Analyst Interview Questions


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Walk me through a scenario where you solved a complex business challenge with a Salesforce solution.

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Walked them through the scenario.

I had already been working the position for seven months; they interviewed me like I just walked in off the street, other employees should be aware and ready for this. It was unexpected that they started from ground zero.

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I interviewed with two people separately and both asked me if I had children. I answered honestly, but thought it was completely innappropriate.

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How do feel about presenting in front of a large crowd, possibly as big as over 200 people?

Unexpected was the second part of the interview because it was an after thought and the CCO and Underwriter was in the room and the CCO was dictating to me what he wanted on the spreadsheet and I had to create the information instantly. Did not feel pressured - they are great people. They just wanted to see that I could perform complex functions.

What talents and skills do you have? Noting skills are referred to work and talents are more personal.

Tell me about a time when you....? What do you know about the agency? What would you do is? Why do you thing this position is good for you? Is there anything you would like to ask us?

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Most were past experience questions that were base on soft skills within an office atmosphere.