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How would I validate the data for integrity of results?

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Create quick pivot and then connect to the totals for different reports, using simple logical function in Excel.

Asked a lot of business casing questions related to Marketing, campaign performance, One of the interviews was technical - writing tough SQL code (and they want you to be precise with the SQL code - not enough to be just conceptual), discussing Linear regressions, multi-collinearity, heteroskedascity etc. Other questions that I can think of: 1. What do you think will be the some of the challenges you will face on this job? 2. What are you biggest fears about joining Remitly? 3. What are your weaknesses? 4. Do you think we'll succeed?

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There are a lot of reports scattered around sent by email, in folders etc. How would I resolve the issue? We are moving from one of the current reporting platforms, what would you implement as a new platform that would centralize reporting. Tableau, because it allows the user to connect to all data sources, which Click View can't do. Director told that it actually can (I used personal free version that did not have capability). So my final answer was ClickView together with Excel that can connect to the database.

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How would you validate the data integrity for ad hoc requests?

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How would you proceed if you were hired - how would you spend your first three months? There is no documentation in the department and two Analyst, who are here for a long time 'have everything they learned in their heads'.

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How would I resolve the issue with the data integrity when receiving the files with the data from the clients?

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Tell me specific examples when you have to convince merchants and other senior folks with your data analysis. It is a huge matrix organization and most of the questions I was asked revolved around the communication skills and seeking 'buy-in' from senior management.

What is the difference between error and bias?

What data would you look at and how would you use it to create a more accurate forecast of XYZ? [Not exact wording and I can't remember what they were looking to forecast]

How would you describe yourself as a manager? What do you think motivates people?

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