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What are some ways to successfully roll out changes to multiple applications/services in an ecosystem where high volumn is expected and minimize or eliminate errors.

1 Answer

One techinque is to ensure that the API (contract) is versioned, another is to use markers and a load balancer to ensure that versioned services work with proper services

Most questions are built around Amazon's 14 principles.

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Since I was interviewing with AWS, I was asked if I understood "Cloud Computing."

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Behavioral based on Leadership Principles - STAR format

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Practical exercise was to demonstrate basic HTML skills

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How does a garbage collection system work? How will you prevent an object from being garbage collected? Write N-ary tree traversal code to search a node given a String key. How many JVM instances does a tomcat server have? How would it handle multiple applications with different versions of same api (for instance log4j)? Explain wait and notify. Explain Generics. What is the difference between a static class and a singleton class? Why do you want to work for Netflix?

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Do I think moving to the cloud is worth it?

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You have three boxes that are all mislabeled. One labeled "apples and oranges", one labeled "apples", and one labeled "oranges". Pulling one fruit from one box, how can you properly label all the boxes

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Are you going to like to work on projects related to launch pads?

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A lot of behavioral based questions, including "Tell me about the biggest mistake you've made professionally and what you learned from it," and "Tell me about a time you had to make a decision with incomplete data - what was your decision, and what would you do differently if you had to do it again?"

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