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Senior Associate Engineer Interview Questions


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Implementing Trees (BFS, DFS). Designing a client server chess board program etc.

Describe a time there was a conflict on a team you were a part of. How did you handle this and what was the outcome.

Please explain the Earned Value Management system and processes.

Tell me a time when you had to work with a difficult person or situation and how you handled it?

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Tell me about a time you had to work with a difficult person.

Based on the background given to you how do you think your work experience will help you perform well in this role.

STAR type questions. One hint, if you're interviewing for an engineering position- they don't seem to care about your technical expertise, so showing a portfolio, or demonstrating past work, is unnecessary, and seemingly detrimental to your chances of receiving an offer. Just answer the behavioral questions.

Basic technical questions to begin. More questions based on my past experience in java and the technologies used. Later Java puzzle to solve and white boarding questions. Panelists make sure that one is not stressed out.

They give you scenarios so you can be in control of all the answers. They will do fact checking after the interview.

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