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What's the difference between block code and convolution code?

2 Answers

In block codes, information bits are followed by parity bits. In convolution codes, information bits are spread along the sequence. Block codes are memoryless whereas Convolution codes have memory. Convolution codes use small codewords in comparison to block codes, both achieving the same quality.

Block code code information in blocks while convolutional codes convolve information bit sequence

Estimate size of vehicles fleet in a large city

3 Answers

I was asked for examples for nearly every bullet I had listed on my resume. The interview wasn't extremely technical but did refer to my resume a lot as expected.

1 Answer

How to model people's preference on two credit cards?

1 Answer

Tell me about your background.

1 Answer

Am I available for long overtime hours?

1 Answer

case interview..took longer than I thought..

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the classic "tell me about time when..." questions

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How would you change the memory parameters on web logic server at run time without having to restart the jvm instance.

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"How can Grassroots help you grow as a person?"

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