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Case scenario question: You have the CFO of an Auto Parts company trying to upgrade their talent retention and procurement process. What would your KPMG pitch to the client be?

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First ask questions about the Company (size, global, age, etc). Have a set methodolgy and stick with it - Ask retorical question "what is the goal and expectations of the client?" Then determine what you would analyze/research first and begin planning - explain what strategies you would use and why. Explain what deliverables and tools may be used. If you did your research on KPMG, offer a new tool they may have for leverage if it makes sense for client needs. End with overview of KPMG values and services and how it can deliver these strategies and tools to help the client be successful. Stay collected and take pause through each questions to think. Bring paper to write down throughts. Interviewer may pick one part of question and drill in so be prepared to ellaborate on your vision and reasons.

What is your strength

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How would I handle various wifi issues?

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Multi-part case interview question regarding fixed and variable fleet costs for an electric utility company.

Estimate the market size for fuel trucks at all airports in the US.

Describe a situation where you had to influence others and were you successful?

What type of returns have you prepared? Can you give me an example of a hard return you had to complete? What do you do when you don't understand something?

If you have a campaign that is under-performing what are some steps you take to troubleshoot and help get performance back on track?

"Tell me about your resume?"

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