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Senior Associate (Operations) was asked...April 21, 2017

Tell us about yourself ?

4 Answers

Currently working in CHAT process

In genpact I was in a backend process used to work there for AON insurance

I have been worked with genpact as well

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Why do you wanna work with us & what are you expecting as your package would be ??

1 Answers

Silly Question asked by the Person taking Interview of course for a Hike in Salary & G Less


General logic analytic quesy

1 Answers

Real life experience


Q. How can you determine what population is required to build a human chain form your town to Powai. Don't need to give any numbers but how will to accomplish this task and how can you determine the required number of people?

1 Answers

Ans: We can build a small human chain for a kilometer than we can multiply that number to distance between your town to powai to get the answer. Less

Miles Education

Why do want to join Miles Education?

1 Answers

Love sales .


Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

Normal Way

BNY Mellon

The debatable questions are apparently to see if I was able to form an opinion and back it up with opinions. Instead I found the questions to have nothing to do with the hiring process. I found the interviewers cocky and brainwashed by an outdated Bridgewater philosophy. The questions to be discussed included: 1. Should there be a cap on political contributions 2. Does TV hurt society? 3. Should the personal lives of politicians be brought into a campaign? 4. Should the state lottery systems be public or pricate? There was one other discussion question, but I can not remember it.

1 Answers

It seemed that Bridgewater (now BoNY Mellon) has a very specific philosophy on what an employee should be. I found the entire interview process to be a slap in the face of what has so far been a great career. If I was offered a position here I would not accept it. Less

State Street

What motivates you?

1 Answers

Tell me a time when you had a disagreement with someone, and how did you resolve the problem. Less

CB Insights

What was an example of a project I was proud to design/build?

1 Answers

I discussed a particular project from my previous company that I felt stood out and I was proud to build. Less

BioMarin Pharmaceutical

Most creative: If you were a kitchen utensil, which one would you be?

1 Answers

I was told that my experience was better suited to a managerial level position. Most of the interview questions were fairly standard and revolved around prior job responsibilities and challenges. The people I met with all seemed intelligent and pleasant. Less

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