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Would you be interested in a different position than one you are interviewing for right now?

1 Answer

Depends on the position..(I did understand why they asked me at that time, but it wasn't expected..)

Mostly situational questions.

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A common question from all interviewers was my five year plan.

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Given a dataset of 600,000 credit card transactions, build a fraud detection model.

1 Answer

Identify differentially expressed genes from a sequencing dataset Provide genomic coordinate ranges for certain exons Investigate coverage bias

1 Answer

Asked me to give an example of a time me and my supervisor disagreed about how to proceed with something and how we resolved the issue.

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I was not prepared when they mentioned that the position would require very little creativity, i.e no thought or scientific expertise, just grunt work.

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You to be in shape.

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Most questions were based on resume. One of the mangers asked me to explain the technology I would be working with. I was able to explain 75% confidently and kind of stumbled around the end. Was able to describe different ways the technology is employed 100%. That was the only part of the interview I really had trouble with.

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