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Senior BI Developer was asked...October 7, 2016

What is your profession? Where did you worked? Do you know SQL solution for this ... problem? Are you familiar with databases like ORA, Postgres, etc...?

2 Answers

Cite your CV, and show up SQL statements or procedure for the problem.

Can you please tell me what kind of sql statements were they

It wasn't so much a question as it was a task. I was asked to decompose a stored procedure that created a dynamic TSQL script that was subsequently was passed to an SSIS package to retrieve data.

1 Answers

You would have to see it.

VNB Consulting Services

Role and Responsibilities Technical Skill Set Basic Questions Maturity and Dedication towards work

1 Answers

Be confident and Simple. Tell what you know and explain it better. They look for candidates who have ability to work and test your presence whether you will be able to survive and work in challenging situations. Less


how would you explain report you prepared to a non technical person? Talk me through your CV? Competency based questions around working under pressure,deadline etc? Explain the activities you would undertake throughout a given process (in your role).

1 Answers

Got a feedback that they wanted a structured way of answers

Avantive Solutions

My recent BI project I am working/worked on and what was the most difficult challenge I faced in it and how it catered it

1 Answers

Just give details on the project in detailed manner with various challenges faced Less

Cook Children's Health Care System

Write a query on paper.

1 Answers

Can't write a query on paper. Misleading data was given without any explanation.

Dell Technologies

6. Which metric is not used for evaluating the performance of a classification model? A: Cook's distance B: Lift curve C: Matthews correlation coefficient D: Logarithmic Loss

1 Answers

A: Cook's distance


She asked about my experience

1 Answers

I gave best answer possible. Then she hung up. Amazon recruiter promised to call back to explain what happened but never called back. Then I got automated email to review interview process. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! Less

J.P. Morgan

write a scenario to move data from flat file source to relational table without knowing target definition?

1 Answers

i given the explanation for extracting data and loaadding into target,using header of the file we get the target defination and then we load data into target table Less

Global Shares

topics need to be covered - Excel-related, BI reporting KPI's, ETL flow, Sql, Data base, Leadership related questions, and tools used based on CV. there will be 3 -4 ppl will be in video call , no need to worry you can crack it easily ========= igonre this Experience working with cross-functional teams to create specifications for reports and analysis based on business needs.

1 Answers

n/a, few questions were not answered Experience working with cross-functional teams to create specifications for reports and analysis based on business needs. Less

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