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Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager Interview Questions


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They asked me to described projects that I had to work on and the challenges and skills involved in executing the project.

What do you consider a good project manager and a good BA?

Would you accept to work on small projects before the main project comes in the pipeline

One of the questions on the written test was non-technical, but a puzzle that required you to determine a seating chart of a group of people, based on a lengthy description of requirements.

Most questions were behavirial like tell me of a time when you handled a difficult project? What tools have you used as a BA/Project Manager? Have you supervised people and how would you feel working in an enviroment that you don't supervise anyone. How do you work in a team environment? Difficult task that you have been able to accomplish? And what are your goals in the next five years? What project management methodology have you used in the past?