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Senior Business Development Manager Interview Questions


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What have you learned about our company during your research of our background as an employer - what good? what bad?

1 Answer

I told them what good I'd learned and then the CEO proceeded to tell me why what was "other there that was bad, was inaccurate."

I didn't realize that when I went through my top grading interview, they would go back as far as highschool!

1 Answer

So, you had a lot of success at Microsoft, well this is not Microsoft - so tell me why we should hire you as we think folks from Microsoft DO NOT actually know how to work. Prove to me that you are different?

1 Answer

Questions were around capabilities and past experience. Detail was required to make sure I was actually doing what I claimed.

1 Answer

Here at Amazon we are frugal - how will you manage projects with no budget and no resources

1 Answer

Why would you like to work for us?

1 Answer

Where to I plan to be in 5 years within the organization.

1 Answer

This big supplier has tried selling some of their products through our store, but have not seen the numbers they'd like. How would you convince them that they should continue investing in the cost to port their software to our app store?

Describe the traction you've had in growing a new technology product. Include KPIs.