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In SSAS, what is the relationship between the DSV and MDX?

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Answer: Data Source Views are an interface in which the SSAS Developer can pre-manipulate data using T-SQL prior to ingestion into the cube. This is appropriate when it cannot reasonably be accomplished upstream either via ETL or a view. MDX is the language with which SSAS Cubes are queried. MDX language has all of the sophistication to be an unmatched language to manipulate, transform and extract cube data, but has two drawbacks: (a) it is not well understood by many people, and (b) MDX queries, unlike, stored cube data, require run-time aggregation, and thereby might result in reduced query performance. As a result, in cases where data manipulation can be performed upstream of the cube (ie. via ETL, a view, or SSAS's DSV), that is a good choice, because the results will be pre-aggregated in the cube.)

Why do you want to change job and career?

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In SSIS, what is the relationship between a control-flow tasks and data-flow tasks?

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What was the last difficult technical task you completed? Additional follow up questions based on responses.

Without going into details, they gave me a situation, that a business person gave me some information, and I needed to build an application for that business person. How would I do it. They say start from the database to the front end.

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Given a set of parenthesis e.g ({[]) Write a code to determine whether it was balanced or not.

Tell me about a time when you took a big risk at work.