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Activision Blizzard
Senior Business Operations Manager was asked...July 22, 2020

What are both the opportunities and challenges you see facing the company at the moment?

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Opportunities: In this pandemic and flood crisis period in our country, there are still good opportunities for Food, Healthcare, Safety/Protection, and freelancing products & services industries. Challenges: At the same time, there are strong & high challenges for Transportation, Travel & Tourism along with posh/luxurious products & services industries. Both the opportunities & challenges are different from industry to industry in this crisis period. Thank You. Less


Tell me about a time you dealt with an ambiguous problem

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This question is very effective because it helps the employer determine whether the candidate has strong organizational skill. Does it surface information regarding whether the candidate is a self-starter in assembling the components necessary to bring order? The employer can also disguise the question such as, “Describe a situation where you solved or implemented something you considered complex,” “Describe a situation when you took initiative on a project,” and “Describe a situation where you implemented something without being asked.” This is a relatively straightforward question regarding what the employer ultimately seeks. The interviewer wants to understand whether you can operate independently in an organized fashion. The most important element in responding to the question is to ensure you can find a rich example where you identified the necessary components or activities that needed to be executed in order to complete the product, project, or group of activities. Finding your dream job might seem like a fantasy. However, with the right strategy and a little soul searching, you could land the opportunity of a lifetime. Interviewbuddy- (, The interview is automatically scheduled based on the convenient slots that an interviewer and an interviewee choose. It helps the aspirants in facing mock interviews with experts drawn from HR and technical rounds under real-time environment. The startup also provides dos and don’ts on e-mail before subjecting the aspirants to several rounds of interviews to improve their answering skills. The final interview recording and assessment report are available on the cloud for ready reference. Less


Imagine that Glassdoor was considering launching an auto-renewal product for employers. Is this a good idea or not? How would you evaluate this decision?

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Definately its good idea...its time saving for all employees and we all know time saved is money saved Less


Where do I see myself 5 years from now

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shared my personal vision

Expedia Group

Describe a challenge that you experienced where you had to convince someone about the importance or prioritization of a project.

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Using the STAR method, I shared the situation and the way that I acted assertively to move forward and make positive change for the business. Less


Questions varied by interviewer

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Edwards Lifesciences

The interviews were conversational. We discussed the technology transformation underway at Edwards and how I can help enable it. In both panel interviews I was asked about specific projects where I had done a certain type of work (e.g. product and service alignment, establishing a program management office, IT change management improvement, etc.). The interviewers had read through my resume and asked questions about specific projects that I had listed.

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I responded with details of the projects that I had worked on, including type of client, industry, what the situation was, achievements, and outcomes. Less

UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)

Qualification check

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Talked through my resume


You get trained, you are sitting at your desk, now what? What do you do. Followed by. This role is that undefined. There is not right answer you have to look for what to do.

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No chance to speak. Interviewer answered her own questions and spoke the entire time without paise. Less


Tell me about a time you took initiative

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