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Senior Business Process Analyst Interview Questions


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How do you influence a team?

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Decribe some of the disagrements you had with previous managers

Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult situation

Explain some of the more difficult projects I have worked on in the past and my overall role.

SAR - Situation - Action - Result - questions: most stressful time when you were under pressure, when you made mistakes, when you had a deal with toxic/upset customer or colleague etc ... When you were harrased?

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Telephone interview with HR was more behavioural questions and a quick review of resume. During the onsite interview, I presented one my projects to demonstrate process improvement skills and experience. Stats test could be hard so i recommend studying about hypothesis testing, control charts, etc..

I had to do an analysis of a made up process and prepare a recommendation slide. I presented this to senior management and defend it. It was fun but also very realistic.

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