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Contact Center Senior Manager was asked...December 14, 2017

Describe a time you had to performance manage an employee

1 Answers

Described a situation with enough detail to convey management style


Do you think that the company you are working for now has better or worst customer services than us?

1 Answers

The surveys done by the company have been positive, but there are times when clients are upset when the wait time is too long, so you have to adjust by hiring more agents and do mmore continuos training Less

How do you handle conflict in a group setting?

1 Answers

My graduate degree helps me engage consumers in a non-threatening way that will disarm any sparring parties. Less


Mostly background related questions and some questions designed to check on your critical thinking.

1 Answers

Answered like I always did, provided specific examples with a great deal of details. Less

Samsung Electronics

Q. They ask a lot about culture because the company doesn't have a US identity. How do you deal with high-pressure situations and mixed culture?

1 Answers



How would you establish a process for Incident Management where the existing process is loosely followed?

1 Answers

Leverage the existing process and attempt to put metrics in place from that data to show deficiencies where improvements could be made. If "buy in" is a problem amongst stakeholders, present data and solutions simultaneously rather than simply stating the problem. I reiterated that in my role I would attempt to approach all service management issues as a we problem, not a "me" problem. Less

FedEx Office

Name a time when you did not perform good customer service?

Lexmark International

Tell me about yourself

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Interview questions are based off your previous experience in relation to the role...

First Tech Federal Credit Union

Tell me about your experience working in a contact center.

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