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IUGO Mobile Entertainment
Senior 3D Character Artist was asked...August 31, 2016

Q: How is your immigration situation in BC?

1 Answers

As a recently graduated student I was still under a student permit and could start working unless given an LMIA. Less

Ten Square Games

Are you comfortable in receiving feedback?

1 Answers

Of course. Is part of the job. ( very stock, silly question to ask for a Senior Position ) Less

Electronic Arts

general portfolio review, basic where do you see yourself, strengths & weakness, future interest etc

1 Answers

went over background and showcased passed work, talked about project and interest in departments- how to aid success in department Less


Past experience in the industry

1 Answers

I went through pretty easy about my past, it was quite standard in this regards

Electronic Arts

You work good?

1 Answers

Yes I work good.


How well are you familiar with Zbrush and Maya?

Ten Square Games

They were as standard as they can be but in variation: 1. Tell me about yourself or how you get there(all the same) 2. What are your strengths/weaknesses(professionally)? 3. What did you like more about your last project(most difficult/ interest project done in the past)? 4. Why are you leaving your present job? 5. Are you willing to relocate? 6. Do you have any questions for me? and so on....


Describe your work process/ pipeline.


Specific human anatomy names for different muscles or bone landmarks.

Rockstar Games

Why do you want to work with Rockstar?

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