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Senior CHEMIST Interview Questions


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Why do you want to leave your old company?

1 Answer

Time to move on, ready for something different.

What was the most difficult portion of research you had to perform?

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Would you accept this salary?

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Describe a time when you made a big mistake at work, and then discuss how you handled it. What were the results of your efforts to correct it?

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Give me an example of how you employed a creative solution to a problem or project where traditional methods did not initially work? Were you successful?

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Describe in basic terminology how oxidation color chemistry is different from free dye chemistry.

1 Answer

What was your biggest challenge? How did you handle it? Talk about your leadership experience. Why you chose chemistry?

How to determine an ingredients solubility?

1 Answer

Experience in their industry generally ... no trick questions. They were in a variety of coating sectors, metal, plastics, wood. Relatively laidback atmosphere. I had a couple of unique skills that they were lacking in the group.

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