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what is one of your most recent project and describe it.

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Describe one of most recent project.

What is your biggest goal in five years.

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The position was for a Senior Civil Engineer, but the posting listed a minimum of 3-years experience. I said to the interviewer that I was not going to apply for the position because 3-years experience does not commensurate a senior engineering position. The interviewer responded "I don't care how old you are," thus correlating experience with age, making the position requirements of the interviewer and CPH Engineer's age discriminatory.

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The interviewer completely relegated my experience and background to name dropping, by asking in an interrogation type fashion "Who do you know", completely not interested in the technical aspects or prior achievements on relevant projects.

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What they can learn from me

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How would you represent United?

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No questions were difficult or unexpected. They were rightfully concerned over my technical capabilities.

Explain a time where you had to deal with an unhappy customer

How do you get work?

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What is a weakness?

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