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Design Rest api on for e-commerce website Check number set bits for integer check if graph is bipartite Design question on throttling.

What is something that sets me apart from other people interviewing for the same position?

if a mount on a linux machine isnt mounting where would you look to resolve the issue

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1. Are you familiar with the 12-factor App methodology? 2. How would you plan and execute a blue-green deployment? 3. Describe the components of a CI/CD pipeline implementation you are familiar with. Next they asked me to describe each component in detail and my role in the contribution to the infrastructure that supports the CI/CD pipeline.

Not much difficult to crack the interview.

Process and Python syntax ? What you expect to do in this role ? Why you looking for change ?

- If you needed to swap out AWS EC2 instances in bulk (e.g. retire old instances and spin up new ones) explain how you'd maintain uptime and performance? - Describe best practices with AWS security groups - How would you troubleshoot software that had no logging available? - Explain the SMTP protocol for me in as much detail as possible. - What are some things you've automated in your current/last job? How did you do it? When did you decide that automation was necessary for that task?

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I was interviewing for a DevOps role. When I got there, they interviewed me for a Senior DevOps Engineer role with more focus on the development side than ops. That was a bit confusing as I am stronger on the ops side of things.

General aspects of cloud and security, architecture / engineering solutions in AWS, different scenario based questions, networking basics, scripting questions

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