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I wasn't asked any structured questions beyond tell me about your experience.

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I ran through the resume, and highlighted my experience that is commensurate with the position for which i was applying.

Why weren't you recruited right out of college?

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It surprised me that I was brought in for my interview at the same time as another candidate for the same job. We were both brought up together and at first I thought it was a group interview. That was unexpected. Then we were placed in separate rooms and I never saw him again.

Tell me about the last time you went above and beyond to make a customer happy. This was hard for me because I am a writer, so I don't have customers. This one caught me off guard.

General questions about background, general interests, etc. One interviewer described a case study and wanted me to walk them through how I would respond.

Most of the questions had to do with how to deal with difficult clients, though I found the Moroch staff to be more difficult than the actual client. They asked about my powerpoint presentation skills and how I felt talking to the client. What they should have said was the power point presentation is more important than the actual work I do for the client and that I would get yelled at if I didn't follow the script they wanted while presenting.

How would you handle a senior manager who insists on everything his way--even though he doesn't have your expertise and experience-- says "no" and squashes everything you suggest, and makes you feel inferior?

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How would you feel about working for an organization that doesn't have a clear strategy or direction?

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I was asked what I knew about Medtronic and flagship product for the BU at the time.

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