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Senior Construction Manager Interview Questions


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Proposed location housing questions and travel iteniaries.

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I wasn't prepared to discuss personal preference for construction location housing. I have proven methods for housing at site locations and I don't believe it fit their considered direction of shared housing with subordinates. It's hard for a manager to remain unbiase under those circumstances.

Client interface, how to approach persons that don't share responsibilities.

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Something about metrics.

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Describe a situation where you ran into an obstacle or issue and how you overcame it?

Initial interview then 1.5 hour closed door interview, then reference checks and passed off to client. Every question imaginable!

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Describe a time that shows how you overcame a large challenge in your previous role?

Provide an example of a time when you had to make a difficult decision that others may have opposed.

If you were replacing a large diameter pipeline in a commercial area, what considerations would need to be made to assure the pipeline was installed successfully?

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