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I was asked to test the seat pricing page for an airline. The interviewer explained the scenario on a high level.

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I asked clarifying questions and walked through my testing strategy for the seat pricing page and the services behind it.

I wasn't asked much of anything that was difficult or unexpected. What was unexpected is that I showed up at the office and was put in a room to do a phone interview! The guy who let me in the office (it was about 7:30 or so) turned out to be the VP of Engineering - but he was very non-threatening - I thought he was just a surfer-dude programmer.

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Mostly scenario based questions like how you handled conflicts with Clients etc.

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A lot focus was on ETL aspect of BI (SSIS) and that is not my as strong part as SSAS and SSAS. I had to illustrate, on a white board, ETL architecute of the last full BI implementation.

Design patterns, mvc, web api, c# latest features, entity framework, what is consultant, etc

None. All questions focused on past experience and behavioral questions

No business case, just went deep into what I currently do and why would I want to work in consulting.

They expect realistic facts and numbers to be used in case interview answers.

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