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Senior Contract Analyst Interview Questions


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Why do you want to work for TC Energy?

1 Answer

I said how I was a good fit for the position based on my skills and experience. I told them I was sure I would enjoy a long and loyal career with them.

Are you okay with commuting to Nike WHQ everyday (I live some distance away)?

Discuss a project you completed, while having very little information at the start.

No difficult or unexpected questions. I don't believe that this company wastes their time and your time with absurd sociological and/or trick questions intended to somehow disqualify you like some other companies do. SAIC is professional and they treat potential employees professionally. They do not condescend or insult your intelligence.

What is the largest obstacle you've ever overcome? What type of work environment do you prefer and why? What interests you in this position specifically?

Tell me about yourself and how your skills relate to the job? Are you able to work overtime during busy season? What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?

1 Answer

About 25% related to my background and past experiences with the remaining 75% consisting of behavioral-type questions. Nothing unusual, difficult, or unexpected.

They asked me to describe a time when I had to give bad news to a customer of mine and how I handled it.

1 Answer

How do you handle working with a disgruntled employee

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