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the CFO asked me to describe a circumstance where I did not get along with a superior manager and how I handled it.

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I answered honestly about my last manager (only worked for 8 months) who harassed me and treated me very unprofessionally. Yet I did not stoop to his level, continued to treat him with respect and most importantly never allowed it to affect my workplace, or my project (and continued to get outstanding performance awards). I also made certain I described how my prior management training and experiences, my team and project leadership and how obtaining my Leadership Certificate significantly helped me with this situation b/c it contained classroom experiences/role playing in each Communicating Across Cultures, Dealing with Difficult People and Conflict Resolution Courses.

Having to perform the assessment test - it was very difficult and had to be completed within 2 hours.

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International contracting experience Government and commercial regulation knowledge ITAR knowledge Technical aptitude Negotiation experience and approach How would I approach the drafting of a comprehensive international contract.

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Tell me a time when you had a worked to through a conflict in the work place?

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If you could magically change any two things about a job, what would they be?

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Please explain how you handled a negotiation.

Explain your experience. Why do you want to work for Netflix?

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3 round robin interview, then 2 round robin interview the following week by team. I was interviewed by 9 people overall, peers, managers and director.

I came from management within a very large, very structured, defense contractor. Many of the questions I fielded had to do with fitting into a smaller, more collaborative team culture and my ability to differentiate between bureaucracy and positive structure.

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