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Tell me about the most difficult project you've worked on, and what outcome was.

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when i was handled diabetic patient;[ im only reliever] my co-worker inject a highdosage of insulin , the patient suffered hypoglycemia,and im awaked almost 3 days without any rest.

that is true moment,for me hundle diabetic patient,check the insulin ,if the blood sugar is high i follow dr. order,the to hyperglicemia,follow dr. order all the time.

Diabetic [non-insulin dependent can cure thru oral medication or exercise,while insulin dependent ,we monitor blood sugar ,if the blood sugar is high,i give injection it depend to doctor order, the same to hypoglycemia.

Why do you want to work at ARC WW?

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I didn't find any of the questions unexpected. And they weren't difficult in the sense that they were tricky. They were really good questions-- it was a very transparent and straightforward process, which I found refreshing. I took them through my portfolio. They asked me some questions about my experience. They asked why I wanted to leave my (then) current agency. Then they asked how much money I wanted. Finally, they gave me an offer.

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Job #2: Show me your work.

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Please create this "test" creative brief.

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The most difficult question asked was how much I knew about the Metagenics product line--which are nutritional supplements and medical foods targeted to general consumers interested in therapeutic lifestyle changes to live healthier lives.

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Did you create 100% of the ad copy in this portfolio?

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Do you usually work with an art director as a team?

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Asked about my experience with their types of clients.

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what accounts did you work on what is the MOA for you brand what was the project you are most proud of what piece in your portfolio is your favorite do you have digital experience did you manage freelancers do you like high science?

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