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Senior Corporate Recruiter was asked...January 13, 2015

WPT test.

2 Answers

They have a very high passing score. If you fail, you don't get the job.

The high passing score and personality test requirement for high dominance/low patience profiles only creates an environment of overbearing, smart but egotistical people with little or no domain expertise. In other words, superiors who will treat you condescendingly but not actually know anything about the details of the business or key product functionality. Run - don't walk -- before even taking the tests. Focus your efforts in finding a position with a more functional organization. Less

Continental Mills

How do you use social media

1 Answers

I reviewed how I used multiple tools to reach candidates

The Erosion

What were my salary expectations

1 Answers

I asked them to put their best foot forward.

Parkland Health & Hospital System

How long many seconds or minutes did I usually take to read and review a resume and decide if the candidate should be be called for a phone screen or not.

1 Answers

I replied that it time needed to review a resume depended on how time I had to work on a certain project. Also a job requisition's job description may be detailed or just a summary. A detailed job description take more time to determine if a candidate is or is not a good fit for the position. Less

Lucas Group

Walk me through how you interview a candidate.

1 Answers

Establish work experience, identify skills in relation to search, tease great fit of job, ask compensation, ask why they would leave, get resume, and close. Rapport is subtle with candidates and not worth investing time, clients are where relationships are built. The manager seemed to really like that answer. Less


What would you change about our process?

1 Answers

Little difficult to answer when you don't know the process.

Continental Mills

How do you recruit hard to fill roles

1 Answers

I went through my process for passive and active candidate


Asked me about my experience and why interested in Windstream

1 Answers

Almost 30 years in HR and because Windstream had an excellent reputation and that I heard the culture was phenomenal and I was right! Less


The questions were thoughtful and not the typical questions, but it's not trying to trip you up. They also don't do a weird "what would you invent" type question. Sure, they investigate creativity, but in other pragmatic ways. It was a relaxed conversation, like a catch up coffee with a friend because it's more conversational. I felt that the interview process was challenging and again thoughtful. That's why I say it was hard.

1 Answers

I don't recall anything unusual or unexpected. They were so warm and really wanted to learn about my past contributions, fun ideas and impact. The team I met with was so supportive of each other. Sign of a very strong leader, who also mirrored the same type of values. Less

They asked random questions that had nothing to do with recruiting. Mostly to do with hobbies, educational background, money looking for. Interviewer kept interrupting and changing topics that had nothing to do with a standard Sr recruiter ; metrics, closing candidates, pipelines, sourcing methods, etc.

1 Answers

Tried to highlight actual recruiting metrics and placements made. Hiring manager kept interrupting asking random questions and hobbies, etc. Really just a weird interview and no feedback was given. Complete waste of time and no structure. Less

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