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Senior Cost Accountant Interview Questions


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During the round table interview wih management the conversation became dicely (it actually bordered on a bit sexual in nature, but in a joking way).

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I beleive this was done to cover the fact that none of the management present knew anything about the position i was interviewing for.

Questions asked were job specific and ranged in technical nature. Also questions asked were the normal fare about experience in the past as well where I saw myself in the future.

The discussion primarily focused on experience and credentials obtained from previous work history.

1. Where would you start 2. How do you determine cost driver 3. What motivates you

If you could design your dream job, what would it be?

give an example of how you used leadership skills

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Tell us about something you did that was above and beyond.

Have ever worked within a manufacturing environment? How familiar are you with the element of cost of a product? Are you familiar with process costing? How many years did you work as a auditor? What was the most interesting thing about the your last employer? Was there a time when you had to deal with a difficulty at work and if so, what was it and how was it resolved.

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