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Senior Customer Marketing Manager Interview Questions


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Standard marketing related questions. What are some of the ways you recruit and onboard customers into your marketing programs? Why do you want to work at Rocket Fuel?

Asked to size the market for a new product, identify product segments, identify key competitors (at least by type), identify roadblocks, develop hi-level marketing plan, and describe one specific marketing campaign.

The final step was a one hour presentation to a group of future team members and stakeholders - including some of the same people I previously interviewed with by phone. The initial topic was: "Given the trends and evolution in digital marketing, what CRM capabilities should SunPower consider deploying in order to be best positioned to efficiently acquire customers in this fast-growing market?" Additional topics were added to include: how to set vision and strategy for the team, approach for working with other departments, and defining a plan for the first 90 days.

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