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They check for your attitude, your approach and your anxiety level! I solved both the case studies and I know I rocked the behavioral and Data challenge round, but still didn't ended up not being selected, why?

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I didn't practice the case solving approach enough. Though I had the math right, my approach was messy with too many papers and switching between many papers.

Hi, thank you for sharing your experience. Do you mind sharing your case interview questions here?

what type of questions they ask in hackerrank online test ? For SQL and any other language of choice ? Any suggestions on this will be of great help.

Case 1: Given APR, Interchange fee, Avg monthly balance, Avg spend every month, and loss rate of 3% calculate the profit per customer. Now justify if it is profitable to give cash back to the customers.. Case 2: 2 ways of campaigning for credit cards 1. Email - 10% of applicants become customers - each representative can verify 10 email applications in an hr and is paid $25/hr 2. Chat - 20% of applicants become customers - each representative can respond to 4 applications in an hr and is paid $25/hr Profit per customer in both the cases in $100. which one is profitable email or chat. Draw the graph of profit vs no of applicants Consider a scenario where there are only 5 representatives to handle applications. In this case which one is more profitable email or chat. calculate the breakeven point for the no of representatives where chat will be profitable than email.

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Prepare 6-7 situations for behavioral questions and be flexible if they questions is not asked in the way as you are prepared. Try to find the character they asked from your prepared examples. Cases are easy, if you make mistake and feel your answer is awkward, ask for help and modify your calc. I did make a mistake. It was a typo carried to next step's calc. And I found out and asked for help, and found out what's wrong with the formula I wrote.

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case study: credit card insurance profit per customer cost of mailing $0.5, response rate 1%, average balance per month $1000, insurance charges 1% of average balance monthly, customer claim rate 5% (once insured customer files a claim, the balance will be wiped and C1 lose $1000). Question: profit per customer, graph claim rate vs response rate, graph profit vs response rate and find the response rate for maximum profit (r=1%)

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phone screening- Five 5th grade level mathematical questions Onsite interview- basic behavioral questions

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An ATM makes $2 per customer for 30% of its customers. Each time a customer uses the ATM it costs 2cents. The ATM servicing costs $3000. What is the break even point for this ATM?

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A coding company with a new contract. Divided in two cases : 1. short-term contract, 2. long-term contract It was desired to see how the company should deal with the new contract.

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Why did you decide to look for employment?

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Check deposit case

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what's your most proud project?

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