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Asked a live coding on python. Need to execute the program online after coding. And 2 SQL queries where I need to write the query.

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Python code was an ok one. One of the general question from interview preparation for coding. I was able to do the coding successfully but not able to optimise it. SQL was tough. The question was like a real scenario from HBO's business use case. Something which needs time to analyse and find. Didn't expect such kind of question for an interview though. Few questions on big data and cloud services. I had some hope after the interview process but was not through :)

Data modeling question, basic concepts of SDLC, concepts like CI/CD approach. SQL group by vs having, a basic sql script. Coding question involving a Hash table.

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Most of the questions were personal type questions - "tell me about your background," and about how I would handle different scenarios.

Take home coding test Spin up a spark EMR instance and parse ~ 10 million records worth of trade data by column type using the spark language of your choice.

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1. Print out the nodes in a undirected graph using BFS traversal. 2. Clone Graph 3. Find the largest rectangle in histogram

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