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How would you test if survey responses were filled at random by certain individuals, as opposed to truthful selections?

5 Answers

I would design the test in a way that certain information is asked two different ways. if two answers disagree with each other I would seriously doubt the validity of the answers.

This is a very basic psychometrics question. Calculate Cronbach's alpha for the survey items. If it is low (below .5), it is very likely that the questions were answered at random.

We need to find the histograms of the questions in the survey to see the distribution of each answer in each question. All question histograms will likely follow the normal distribution if they are truthful selection. If one response with more than of half of total answers being located outside of 95% confidential interval in each histogram, the response will be categorized as random fall out of mean plus tw

How would you build and test a metric to compare two user's ranked lists of movie/tv show preferences?

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Technical case interview which is a mix of modelling skills + classical case interview structure

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SQL question that involved window functions

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Imagine you have N pieces of rope in a bucket. You reach in and grab one end-piece, then reach in and grab another end-piece, and tie those two together. What is the expected value of the number of loops in the bucket?

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If you can build a perfect (100% accuracy) classification model to predict some customer behavior, what will be the problem in application?

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Then, he asked what if the cost of false positive is 0?

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Describe your previous projects

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academic-like questions where you could just look up the answer. just memorize a thing or two about the basic algos like neural nets, random forests, svm, linear regression. that satisfies their data scientists.

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Do you like beer or wine more?

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