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A key is broken on your laptop keyboard. How do you work around it until you can get a new keyboard?

5 Answers

On screen keyboard or copy-paste the letter.

Plug in a spare USB keyboard in the office with the key that works.

Since you are in design engineering, continue to submit your designs without that pesky letter and you can fix the problems later. Given the amount of buggy HW and SW that is being shipped from Oracle these days, my guess is that there are a number of design engineers with broken keyboards at Oracle.

(Unexpected) What the types of caches?

3 Answers

Most difficult was how would you write a script to calculate the latency of a PCIE bus given a data base of several transactions, and their completions. An easier one that was asked that was unexpected, given I am more HW is: Write a function to detect a one-hot encoded state variable. I sort of bombed it at the interview, but looked into the solution in detail after the interview.

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In saturation, the channel region pinches off well before the drain. How does current get from the source to drain then? (Since the channel is pinched off, it does not touch the drain)

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Reverse a sentence but keep the individual words in the same order

2 Answers

What keeps you awake at night?

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describe the most difficult supervisor role task you have been given

1 Answer

Are you confident in doing product design again

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5. Explain few low power design techniques

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Npn bias: base connected to mid point of 3k-7k divider with terminals at 0V and 10V. Emitter has 2kohm to gnd. Collector has 2kohm to 10V. What is the voltage at base, emitter, collector

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