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How do you decide which features to drive UX design for a specific release?

1 Answer

This was an hour-long conversation. Focused on linking business requirements and usage scenarios with features and a product roadmap for specific features. And design gates. And UX consistency across a product suite.

How would you handle the hypothetical situation where one or more designers try to dominate the conversation and do not seem to be listening to other members of the team?

1 Answer

How do you form positive relationships with developers and/or stakeholders?

1 Answer

In saturation, the channel region pinches off well before the drain. How does current get from the source to drain then? (Since the channel is pinched off, it does not touch the drain)

3 Answers

A key is broken on your laptop keyboard. How do you work around it until you can get a new keyboard?

5 Answers

Question from director: "... four people need to cross a bridge at night, there is only one flash light and only one person can walk on the bridge at a time. How do would you get them all across the bridge?"

7 Answers

which is hard to fix -- setup violation or hold violation? And why?

3 Answers

Reverse a sentence but keep the individual words in the same order

2 Answers

Modify full precission adder to half precision.

1 Answer

Array of flops in a register file .. how to reduce power

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