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During the video interview, there were several difficult technical coding questions and problems. After this it got easier.

coding on white table (data structures), solution architecture related questions

No really difficult questions. Mostly it seemed that the hiring manager wanted to learn about my technical background.

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How would you manage a mean-spirited person in the organization?

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Write a program to generate a "Unique Ticket" for each request. The number of requests could be quite large - up to a million per second.

The most difficult questions were about the development process that I was unfamiliar with. Once I realized that these questions were asked to determine my own abilities of recognizing my knowledge gaps, I was able to answer with confidence.

I can not disclose interview questions. But here is my experience and tips … 1) During interview every interviewer was taking notes … they write down what you say. 2) The questions are not very difficult. Practice well. Practice the thinking process to solve the problem. Know time complexities. VERY VERY IMP - practice writing code on paper. 3) Preparation: After reading other blogs I somehow gave little importance to graphs, and I got question on graph :(. Prepare on arrays, strings, trees and don't forget graph. Also dynamic programming will be helpful. Hash data structure is important and keep it in mind always while solving problems. Also its very important to read AWS interview blogs, glass door, career cup etc. and solve the problems posted there. If you are not currently interviewing I will suggest you to prepare for 4 weeks (prepare with writing code on paper) before the interview. 4) Amazon do concentrate on leadership principles and ask many questions related to behavior etc. So prepare it very well. These questions like 'why amazon' are important and can be phrased into multiple ways. 5) Design questions: Ask questions while solving to clarify and keep on building the system … do some practice at home. I will suggest to first concentrate on computer science questions like OS, file system design and then work on more generic like design coffee shop etc. Overall the interview is not difficult. Every engineer/manager I met were awesome, they help you solve the problem. (In one of my interview I was working on to find better algorithm myself, but the interviewer was so excited that he kept on asking questions which will lead to hints … :) ) Good Luck!