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Randomly shuffle an array. Follow up questions on ensure that no items remain in their original places.

Describe the last product/project you worked on and any scalability issues you had with it? What was the TPS?

What's the test process that ensures that your code is good to go?

Tell me about yourself?

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Given a string with multiple lines, find and print the most frequent character for each line. If there is a tie in a given line, i.e, if 2 characters occur the most in that line, then print the one that comes first in the alphabetical order.

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Given a particular (naive) run-length compression algorithm. How can you improve the compression ratio of this algorithm without affecting certain properties (streaming, performance, etc.). Discuss.

Complete the code so it passes the unit tests.

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The questions are meant to be confidential for obvious reasons. In general, they covered topics like BSTs, Graphs, String manipulation, multi-threading synchronization & collections.

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