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How do you stay organized? Describe tools and techniques.

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I use Outlook for email, contacts, calendar, and tasks in the work environment, and I use OneNote to collect and search through important notes. With my smartphone I use Google's calendar, gmail, and search.

Choose carefully what you put your attention on and resist the urge to multitask. Choose your top 2 or 3 skill areas and focus on cultivating them. Tools like Outlook are not helpful for DevOps. Shut it off for long periods of time each day.

Trello for managing/limiting work in progress; focusing on one task at a time. Don't use email at all if you can help it. Use Slack for team communication as it links with Trello effectively. Keep all of your code in GitHub and commit+push often to track changes. Don't be someone responsible for releasing software; be someone who enables teams to release via services or automation you provide. Work hard to keep from being a bottleneck or gatekeeper of environments. Don't keep secrets or build silos of knowledge. The mindset you adopt will enable you to uplift others and enable better communication across your team and organization.

Are you a consultant?

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Are you excited about the role? (Several Times)

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which cities do you want to work ?

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How did you customize Jenkins for build delivery?

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How would you balance conflicting, urgent priorities from different teams?

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I was asked to to participate in several thought experiments. They were cleverly designed for you to showcase your skillset.

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How to parse through web log like Nginx

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Demonstrate writing SQL to create related tables for a one-to-many relationship and then demonstrate SQL to query the tables using joins.

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Find pairs or people who have $1.00 for lunch and match them up (i.e. given a list, find matches (pairs) that add up to 100; reject ones that don't have a match or odd numbers)

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