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use go concurrency to code an app that leverage a list() and a get() function to dump the content of all files in a folder

General questions about Linux, Ansible, CI/CD

- Why is this code problematic? Followed by 2 pages of Java-like classes and Typing but it's in python. - How would you solve _____ in AWS? Be ready to defend why your solution isn't as good as the secondary interviewer's reason for building it a different way... Example Dynamo is too slow for a 3 column table and when I suggested his scaling policy was wrong, he deflected.

In an ideal world, what would your ideal job be like?

Tell me about your background.

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Signed NDA, so I can't talk about the interview question. But the questions aren't designed to trick you or be intentionally malicious. They're surprisingly practical.

Signed NDA. But the interview questions are not hard if you've been practicing, studying, and know your AWS.

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