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A big chunk of the interview questions were focused on technical / software development. I got a wide range of questions including writing functions to solve algorithms on a whiteboard, explaining in depth how web/apis work and challenges/solutions for high scalability problems.

Every single interviewer asked me if I was going to be able to handle the intensity, long-hours, and high demands. It really made me think hard about the commitment I would be making. People work very hard at Nutanix.

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Basic technical questions to begin. More questions based on my past experience in java and the technologies used. Later Java puzzle to solve and white boarding questions. Panelists make sure that one is not stressed out.

Another huge part of the interview focus was cultural fit. There were a lot of questions about what is important to me being part of a team, how I would handle difficult situations, conflicting points of view, prioritization challenges, etc.

Questions about Salesforce, the products Salesforce offers, why I want to join.

A fictitious website was created and there was a desire to quickly test whether a new feature could improve the sites revenue performance. The problem statement included a high level architectural diagram of the existing system.

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How would you implement X application (to include client-side, high-availability server side, details on the server farms and security, etc.)

Didn't ask any "real" questions, just went over my resume... all the interviewers

After a brief overview of their architecture, I was asked how to improve it and “what if” question around potential problems and recover scenarios

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