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Cedar Communications
Senior Account Director was asked...December 18, 2020

Introduce yourself, with 15 minutes.

1 Answers

Standard question gets a standard response tailored for the role.

Once I explained my extensive experience, right away they said they only needed someone to generate the financials. And that if I had any questions. That's when I asked what their budget was for an Accounting Manager Senior Accountant in charge of 4 different departments with no support as you will be on your own. That's when they gave a budget figure only a Jr. Accountant would accept.

1 Answers

I responded by asking if they could up their budget and they said that we could talk and then they asked my range. I gave it to them and it was nowhere near their budget by no means. It was very insulting sitting there hearing such a low ball budget with no wiggle room especially with my extensive experience. Less

How do you sell where you're at currently?

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Do you work well on your own?

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Condé Nast

This is a sales role, the job description is clear, why would you want to do a sales role?!

1 Answers

I have a background in sales and account management and it translates well, if there is another area where you believe my skills would be more effective please let me know... Less

Shift7 Digital

standard questions, but easy and conversational.

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It was a good conversation, they reviewed real life experience and how it could help their clients. Less


Whats your style of management

1 Answers

Common sense and respect !


How many years experience do you have?

1 Answers

More than 10


Why are you considering a move

1 Answers

People and culture


What will be your 30-60-90 day plan after you join Salesforce?

1 Answers

I had already thought through this question and had a logical, timeline and narrative that gave the interviewers an insight into the impact I am seeking to make. Less

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