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Phone Interview Questions: Why Amazon? Tell us a success story. Tell us where you will be in 5 years. Tell us what you could have done better? Tell us a time you negotiated. Tell us how did you use data to inform marketing decisions? Tell us a product sold on Amazon. Tell us Amazon competitors. Tell us your strengths. Tell us what you believe your role would be? Per Amazon's Leadership Principles, please give an example from your professional experiences that relates to each principle and & illustrates the principle. Principles are: 1) Customer Obsession. Start with Customer & work back 2) Ownership: Leaders are Owners and never say this is not my job 3) Invent & Simplify: expect and require innovation 4) Leaders are right a lot. Have strong judgments and seek diverse opinions to disconfirm beliefs. 5) Learn & Be Curious. Never done learning. explore 6)Hire & Develop the best. 7) Insist on high standards. Relentlessly high. Raising the bar. 8) Think Big. create and communicate a bold direction. 9) Bias for Action. Speed matters. Value calculated risks. 10) Frugality. Do more with less. 11) Earn trust. Listen. Speak candid. respect others. 12) Have a Backbone. Disagree and commit to a direction when decision is made. Audit. be Skeptical 13) Deliver Results

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Prepared in advance, Do you research. Hours of interviews with a lot of people before final decision is made. All along the process everyone are polite but it Feels very one sided and heavy handed/Big Brother-ish: ie they dont really care about you, if you would like to know more about the job or about the people you would be working with because they are Amazon and there are a zillion other people who'd kill to work here and have the job you are interviewing for....

I am one of the best candidates for this position and I would love to become a part of the Amazon Company

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What is your experience with competitive intelligence?

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What accomplishment on your resume are you most proud of?

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Here is a magic box that does algorithmic signal matching [hinting at the Adchemy "secret sauce" intent matching algo]. What would be the ranking logic for two ads that have the exact same bidding and reputation (relevance)?

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Are you a family man?

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If you were to re-brand Pathways, what colors would you pick for the logo?

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What do you think about our company and life insurance underwriting as a whole? You know all the negative things about our company on the internet? There's simply no basis. I hope you didn't take them seriously?

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Tell me how your last 3 bosses would rate you and why.

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Would you need to focus on [X country] to be the #1 in this market sector?

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What type of partner would you look for in this role to become part of HubSpot's partner network?

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