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Precise details about my PhD thesis. I had to recall the variables that I used and particular findings.

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I confessed that I have not reviewed my thesis in some time, and the interviewer accepted my answers as they were.

What do you do when there is a conflict within a team?

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Technical question about the field

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Why do you want to work at the World Bank?

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Interview questions were random and not clearly related to one's area of specialization. My view is that the requirement to present academic research as one would with a real academic job is really a marketing tool because there were almost no questions related to my research, and the person who asked one question about it did not seem to understand my simple answer (I know it was clear as I have given many presentations and received feedback on them).

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what is the conflict between competition policy and industrial policy?

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Standard questions about my background and what interests you about this job and then extensive questions about what I would do if I got the job and my vision for the firm. The bulk of the questions were about my vision and ideas for the company. I was interviewed by about eight people in sequence. Those at the beginning were in lateral departments and probably had little to do with decision making process. I was also interviewed by my potential reports. Finally, about three hours into the interviews, I was interviewed by the CEO followed by the person to whom the job reports. During the interviews, all of the people asked a lot of questions about what StreetEasy's strategic direction ought to be and how I would use data to help achieve it. I was very forthcoming with answers and ended up giving them a lot of consulting-style advice. In retrospect, I feel they solicited a lot of advice and recommendations from me but were really looking for a much more junior person. My recommendation to others applying at this firm is to let them do the talking and not volunteer too much information. Also, while it's useful to meet a wide variety of people at the firm, save your energy for those doing the hiring who may not come in until the end.

Some case questions on possible litigation on competition.

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