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What you see yourself in 5 years, do you want to move up to the manager position.

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I did not prepare for this question.

Everything from people management, team play to technical question related to hardware, RTOS, C, assembly, troubleshooting.

Describe in detail one of my past projects that showcased strengths and skills sets would apply for position to which I applied. They asked specific questions about each step. Asked what do I bring to their team, etc. Then technical questions began with basic and led to an algorithm question regarding two structure data types that were rectangles with x, y coordinate as but fields and how would you implement a program ton determine if the two rectangles collide (e.g. overlap or share a coordinate).

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How will you let go a sub ordinate if you do not like the person even though he/she is a good engineer?

They were interviewing using my resume. The technical lead also asked count the number of set bits in a word. He also asked about different scheduling algorithms for the OS. That was difficult for me since I had not done a whole lot of memorizing about theory.

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Basic of C, assembly , Big O of data structures, ad questions on resume

Where do you see yourself in five year?

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instruction pipeline, volatile variable, RTOS priority, semaphore, C++ factory pattern. break points. etc.

State Machine diagrams and some logical normal problems.

Describe a disagreement with a colleague. How did you work through that disagreement? What was the outcome?

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