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What was your biggest failure?

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I think you definitely should bring up a failure and let them know how you overcame it. However, in my opinion, in life there are no failures...that is how you learn.

Tell me what you know about Netflix

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What do you want from a job?

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How would you rate SAP, Oracle and other enterprise SW packages for use in the MRO market?

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1. What is dangling pointer 2. What is union 3. What are race conditions 4. What is disadvantage of having many recursive functions 5. What are mutexes and semaphores 6. What is dynamic linking. What happens during dynamic linking

In various forms,this is the question most asked during my interview process. Having managed the delivery of global, large and complex Oracle software implementations, with one customer at a time over a 6months minimum timeline-- what has prepared you to manage all aspects of multiple customers' deployments within 3 months from inception to delivery?

Why did I choose STARTEK

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Asked to size the market for a new product, identify product segments, identify key competitors (at least by type), identify roadblocks, develop hi-level marketing plan, and describe one specific marketing campaign.

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